Sunday, June 19, 2011

Utah Wakeboard Camp July 18th -23rd Wakeboard Lessons

Utah Wakeboard Camp July 18th-23rd 2011

Featuring Brandon Judd - Professional wakeboard ryder and coach along with the staff of TK Watersports & MM Watersports. Reserve your spot call 801-367-0668 or e-mail your request to See links: Wakeboard Camp:  The Wakeboard Camp

Nothing gets you to the next level like time on the water and by getting top notch instruction that can save you years off the school of hard knocks. Improve your basic skills so that you can do some of the big tricks. There is nothing like catching air for the first time or landing a difficult trick or jumping the whole wake for the first time.

Spend the day with other hardcore wakeboarders and learn from a Professioanl. Not only will you get your persoanl instrucion but will be able to listen and learn from what is taught the other riders as well. You will be able to focus on the tricks that you have been tring to master.


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